Do you deal with agro products? If you don’t, perhaps you are looking to start this kind of plant in a little while. Among the machines you will require is an agro product irradiation machinery. The work of this equipment is to ionize supplies to increase their longevity and safety. Any product that is designed for human consumption has a shelf life. It could be a few months or years. One of the preservation methods that sustain the shelf life of many different edibles is irradiation.

To simplify your work, we would like to introduce you to Our company concerns itself with the production of gamma irradiators. Symec Engineers (1) Pvt. Ltd is based in India and focuses on the production of high technology machines for food processing plants. It also has irradiating machinery for the chemical, biotech, nuclear and pharmaceutical industries.

Why use Symec Engineers?

First, this manufacturer is competent, licensed and full of hands-on experience. It has been innovating and producing commercial irradiation machines for a long time. There are different sorts of machines. Thus, it will be easier to pick one from their wide range of machines that are suitable for your agro-products business. Symec Engineers are known all over the nation and beyond. One reason for this is their ability to think outside the box and to generate super functional ionizing facilities.

Moreover, they have affordable machines that are capable of releasing an electron beams and gamma-ray radiation. These are commonly used for foodstuff preservation and boosting its safety. Above all, Symec Engineers are duly registered, licensed and recognized by the authorities. We are full-fledged commercial manufacturers operating full-time to serve different plants. If you want to learn more about our services, get in touch with our customer service.

Things to do with Symec Engineers Irradiators

If you are searching for the best gamma irradiation facilities in India , now you know who to pick. Symec Engineers machinery for agro-business has a common useionizing foodstuff. As a result, you will need them to promote the safety and shelf-life of your supplies. Whether you are doing business both locally and internationally, you require the assistance of Symec. Their machines will help you produce agro-foods that are ready for export and distribution within the country.

Each machine will come with a manual, enabling you to learn all about usage. Besides, you will meet a team of engineers who will be helping you with the installation, use, troubleshooting, maintenance and everything else. Once you express your interest in acquiring Symec’s ionizing equipment, we will provide enough assistance and support. Quality is guaranteed when using our equipment. There will be no single time that your product will be labeled counterfeit. It will meet both local and international standards of quality control and safety.

Ask for custom services

We understand the current huge demand for food quality and safety. Hence, we design for current needs and emerging needs. Our technology is unwavering and our attention to detail unparalleled. If you want to get machinery that could get rid of bugs and micro-organisms that damage mango and other groceries, speak to us. Our ionization equipment range is wide and each machine is able to remove all contaminants from foodstuff.