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The SYM-14 batch type agro irradiator is specifically designed for the Indian Agro-Irradiation market. This low cost irradiator is ideally suited for processing low throughput low dose agro products that are commonly available.

Plant specifications:

Maximum source capacity

300 KCi

Tote box specifications

1060mmX460mmX1200mm (capable of handling 230 kg’s of product at a density of 0.4 gms/cc)

Max. Design Throughput

7,000 Liters/ Hr.

Mode of operation

Shuffle-Dwell type Batch operation with manual loading, unloading, shuffling and labyrinth movement.

Key features

  • Source Raise system.
  • Electrical hoist for source Cask Handling System.
  • DM Plant and pool water level control system.
  • Irradiation cell Ventilation System.
  • Cell conveyor system with single speed operation.
  • PLC based control and safety systems with SCADA and HMI interface.
  • In cell firefighting  system



Dose Range

Production /Hr. @300 KCi

Rice / Wheat , cereals and pulses

0.25 to 1KGy

4.2 MT/hr.


0.02 to 0.2KGy


Fresh Fruits

0.2 to 1 KGy

2.4 MT/hr.


6 to 14Gy

0.4 MT/hr.

Herbal products

6 to 14KGy

0.4 MT/hr.

Fresh Seafood and Meat Products

4.5 KGy Max.

3 MT/hr.


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