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The SYM-28 full spectrum irradiator is specially designed for Irradiation service providers, who cater to a wide range of products and dose rates. This irradiator is capable of high to low dose irradiation; batch and continuous operation as well as source and product overlap geometry.

Plant specifications:

Maximum source capacity


Tote box specifications

800mmX800mmX1200mm (capable of handling 300 kg’s of product at a density of 0.4 gms/cc)

Max. Design Throughput

23,000 Liters/ Hr.

Mode of operation

Continuous type plant with product overlap design&in-cell shuffling system.

Key features

  • Product Handling System for cell and labyrinth with in-cell shuffling feature.
  • Scissor lift assisted loading & unloading of products.
  • Source Raise system with Hydraulic power pack and mechanical interlock with personnel entry door.
  • DM plant, pool water conditioning and monitoring.
  • Irradiation cell Ventilation System.
  • PLC based control and safety systems with SCADA and HMI interface.
  • Movable MS shielding for potato and onion irradiation.


Dose Range

Production /Hr. @1MCi

Rice / Wheat , cereals and pulses

0.25 to 1 KGy

16 MT/hr.

Potatoes& Onions

0.02 to 0.2KGy

12 MT/hr.

Fresh Fruits

0.2 to 1KGy

8 MT/hr.

Spices&Ayurvedic Herbs

6 to 14KGy

2 MT/hr.

Chilled Poultry, Meat & marine products

4.5KGy Max.

16 MT/hr.

Animal Feed

6 to 12KGy

2 MT/hr.

Medical disposables

25 to 30 KGy

0.5 MT/hr.


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