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The SYM-1 Model gamma Irradiation plant is a continuous, carrier type product overlap design plant which is optimized for medium to high dose products. This state of the art design can be also designed to also irradiate certain low dose products.

Plant specifications:

Maximum source capacity

3 MCi

Tote box specifications

1060mmX460mmX1200mm (capable of handling 230 kg’s of product at a density of 0.4 gms/cc)

Max. Design Throughput

23,000 liters/Hr.

Mode of operation

Continuous type plant with product overlap design & shuffling system

Key features

  • Scissor lift assisted loading/ unloading of products.
  • Source Raise system with Hydraulic power pack and mechanical interlock with personnel entry door.
  • Split source frame design for the efficient irradiation of high & low dose products.
  • DM plant and pool water conditioning and monitoring.
  • Irradiation cell Ventilation System.
  • PLC based control and safety systems with SCADA and HMI interface.
  • In cell firefighting and lighting system


Dose Range

Max Production /Hr. @3 MCi

Raw Spices

6 to 14KGy

4.7 MT/hr.

Herbal products

6 to 14  KGy

4.7 MT/hr.

Medical  Products

25-30 KGy

7 Cu Mts/hr.

Fresh Fruits & vegetables

0.2-1 KGy

8 MT/hr.

Cereals and pulses

0.25-1 KGy

12 MT/hr.

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