• Absorbed dose:
    Refers to the amount of energy transferred to the product by radiation. Measured in Gray. 1 gray is equal to 1J/kg .
  • Source strength:
    Refers to the strength/ power of the radiation source used for processing of the products. Common units of measurement are Curie (Ci), Becquerel (Bq).1 Ci = 3.7 X 1010 Becquerel 
    1 Becquerel = 1 Disintegration/ second
  • Plant throughput:
    Refers to the amount of product (in Kg’s) that can be processed by an irradiation plant on a hourly, daily or monthly basis.
    Unit: Kg/ hr., Kg/ day etc. 
  • Radiation absorption efficiency (  ): 
    The fraction of radiation energy emitted by the radiation source that is absorbed by the total product during the irradiation cycle.
    It is calculated by the formula 
  • Dose uniformity ratio (DUR):
    When a product is exposed to Gamma rays, different locations in the product package get different doses. The ratio between the maximum dose to the minimum dose absorbed by the product in a given package is known as DUR. It is calculated by the formula = Maximum dose / Minimum dose
  • Product Changeover Time:
    The total time taken to replace one product by another (of varying density), for irradiation is known as changeover time.

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