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The SYM-32 Batch type turntable Irradiator is primarily designed for research and other organizations that wish to setup an economical irradiation plant for small quantities of products.

Plant specifications:

Maximum source capacity


Tote box specifications

Stainless steel cylindrical container with 400mm diameter and 400mm height Capable of handling 70 kg’s of product at a density of 0.35gms/cc)

Max. Design Throughput

1600 Liters/ Hr.

Mode of operation

Batch type source overlap design meant to handle low dose products.

Key features

  • Product Handling System for cell area.
  • Product vessel made of high strength Aluminum Alloy / Stainless steel.
  • Hydraulic Source Raise system.
  • Source Cask Handling System.
  • DM Plant and pool water level control system.
  • Cell Ventilation and  In cell firefighting  system
  • Control and safety system, sensors, and instruments.



Dose Range

Production /Hr. @100 KCi (Mtons)

Rice / Wheat , cereals and pulses

0.25-1 Kgy



6-14 Kgy


Fresh Fruits & vegetables

0.2-1 Kgy



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