Introduction to Irradiation Technology

The radiation process under the radiation technology is among the most important field that the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) promotes, supports, and overlooks to ensure its use for the betterment of humankind around the globe.

Hence, the radiation process under the radiation technology plays an instrumental role in fostering and ushering a sustainable development across the globe.

Radiation & Medical Sterilization For Medical Products & Instruments

Overview to the process of sterilization of surgical instruments

Under the prolific and dynamic radiation process, the physical, chemical, and biological compositions of the irradiated materials or products can be altered and modified as per their intended use.

Thus through, the radiation and medical irradiation process in specific the sterilization of surgical instruments and healthcare products is possible to induce ample benefits. The medical irradiation process also does not produce any detrimental radioactive effect or toxic radioactive residuals on the applied food or the products.

The Process to Medical Irradiation –

The radiation process aims to preserve, modify and enhance the characteristics of the medically irradiated product or any specific material. This is done by embedding the product or material close to the radiation source, like cobalt-60 for a fixed duration of time or interval to yield the desired benefits from the absorption of radioactive energy. The amount or the exact percentage of the radioactive energy required to release the intended effects on the product or material is determined through research conducted by scientific engineers and researchers.

The Common Terms Associated with Medical Sterilization Process –

  Absorbed Dose – The amount of radiation energy absorbed by material while exposed to a radiation source during the medical sterilization process.

 Gray (Gy) – Is a unit of absorbed dose, equivalent to 1 joule per kilogram of material

 Radioactivity – It is the strength (or power) of a gamma radiation source (like cobalt-60)

 Curie (Ci) or becquerel (Bq) – It is generally the unit of the radioactivity of a gamma radiation source (like cobalt-60)

 Half-Life – It is the characteristic of a gamma radiation source, the time taken for the activity of a radiation source to decay to half of its value.

Growth of Medical Sterilization Industry –

The commercial use of Gamma radiation (one of the three types of natural radioactive energy besides Alpha & Beta Radiation) to sterilize surgical instruments, health care products, and food products, began in the era of the mid-1950s. Since then, the presence of gamma irradiation plants in India and the prominent use of the Gamma radiation process has escalated and grown to medical sterilization of medical equipment, cancer treatment through radiotherapy, and more. With the growing explosion in technological advancements, researchers are ushering the navigation for more applications to help manufacturers build more facilities.

We at Symec Engineers Private Limited were the first Indian company to capitalize and facilitate this growth by successfully building Gamma Irradiation Plants in India. 


The Major Advantages of the Technology –

 Radiation therapy today is vouched to be the most effective cancer treatment, as it decimates the presence and procreation of the cancer cells.

 Another peculiar advantage and edge the radiation therapy offers to the medical field is that its treatment sessions last around only 30 to 35 minutes to control and kill the growth of cancer cells.

 The radiation process not only helps in the sterilization of surgical instruments but also insulates, safeguards and shields the surgical and medical equipment from any risk of material degradation.

 The activities related to and associated with the radiation facilities assure and exude maximum safety to the environment, workers, and the general public around.

Hence, as industry experts and leaders, We at Symec Engineers Private Limited firmly believe and state that the benefits associated with the use of radiation technology are about to ubiquitously amplify its implementation and diverse application catalyst by technological advancements across a broad spectrum of industries. Especially the food Industry, Where the importance of food irradiation in India is getting more vital each passing day.

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