Gamma irradiation sterilization refers to the process of exposing products to ionizing gamma rays that are similar to UV and X-rays in a highly controlled manner for a specific purpose like to kill viruses, bacteria, pathogens, insects and other unwanted organisms. They are a type of electromagnetic radiation of short-wave lengths that act as a source of ionizing energy that kills bacteria and pests.

The isotope Cobalt-60 is the most popular source of gamma rays for irradiation processing. In fact, it is manufactured just for this purpose and is stored in specially designed doubly encapsulated Stainless-Steel Pencils that are placed in a specially designed system operating according to strict standards and regulations.

In a gamma irradiation facility, Cobalt 60 can be safely stored in a pool of water while the chamber above the pool is enclosed by a thick concrete barrier that prevents gamma rays from escaping when the gamma source is raised into the irradiation chamber. The product is that is to be sterilized is packaged, palletized and transported into the irradiation chamber through a conveyor belt.


Gamma irradiation is a physical or chemical means of sterilization as it kills bacterial by breaking down bacterial DNA thereby preventing bacterial division. The energy from the gamma rays passes through the equipment disrupting the pathogens responsible for the contamination. These changes that occur at the molecular level kill the microorganisms or render them incapable of reproducing. Gamma irradiation sterilization does not leave any residue or make the processed item radioactive.


Since irradiated foods do not become radioactive, they do not give off radiation so you are not exposed to radiation or radioactive materials after eating them.

During the food irradiation process, beams of radiation pass through the food in a similar way to how X-ray beams pass through you when you get a X-ray done. You are not radioactive and no radioactive materials remain inside your body after an X-ray. In a similar way, food that is irradiated is not radioactive.

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