Irradiated foods can be safely consumed by anyone. As a matter of fact, irradiated poultry, meat and seafood are recommended for consumption due to greater safety.


More than 40 years of scientific research have shown that the irradiation method of food preservation is a safe process. The radiation kills the bacteria in our food but it does not touch the food directly. Most people are unaware that wheat flour, spices as well as potatoes undergo irradiation. The FDA has approved irradiation for beef, pork, lamb, poultry, fruits, vegetables, grains and spices to kill bacteria and prolong the shelf life of certain food products.

Some people believe that irradiation creates cancer-causing compounds but it is simply not true. It creates substances known as radiolytic by-products which are compounds that are broken up by radiant energy. Such compounds are not unique to irradiated foods but occur naturally in other foods as well.

Moreover, studies have also shown that using irradiation technology does not decrease the nutritional value of food. As food is exposed to low energy levels, any change in the nutritional profile is minimal. Even though there is a small loss of vitamin B observed during irradiation but any loss in nutritional value through irradiation is the same as observed after pasteurization and cooking. Irradiation also has minimal impact on the level of proteins, carbohydrates and minerals in foods. So, one can safely say that the nutritional value of the food remains largely unaffected in irradiated foods.

With irradiation, you don’t have to worry about radioactive materials in your food. Even though it might be fun to glow in the dark, there is no chance of that happening when you eat irradiated foods. This makes irradiation for food preservation safe to use for the purpose of control pests that affect certain crop pests that affect certain crops. Just like an airport scanner doesn’t make your baggage radioactive, you don’t have to stress about what you are eating with this process.


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We specialize in designing and manufacturing fully automated Gamma irradiation plants that have PLC-based control systems for sterilizing and treating medical disposables, agricultural products, meat, seafood, pet food, and rubber latex.

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