gamma irradiation plant manufacturer produces radiation processing technology that had been created following four decades of worldwide research and development of extremely high standards. Irradiation India is among the very few sources worldwide to provide this breakthrough technology with necessary expertise and know how. Irradiation involves a direct, efficient and simple one-time process carried out within a controlled energy application from a mix of ionizing radiations including electrons, gamma rays and X rays. s

With irradiation plants manufactured at Symec Engineers end-users of this technology can look forward to utilizing the services of a state-of-the-art system with outstanding gamma processing knowhow and expertise. Within the past years the company has extended its unique services to diverse sectors across India, the region and on a worldwide scale. Symec proudly acknowledges its prestigious position as a leading irradiation plant manufacturer in India providing partners and end-users with many advantages through this inventive technology.

  • Top precision and scalability – Symec Engineers deploy full scale irradiators with ability to process mega volumes of product as well as precision dosing systems ideal for small scale testing. No matter what size or type your product requirement is you can enjoy exceptional flexibility, precision and scalability. Symec irradiators feature high-tech monitoring systems processing operations, timing for the generation of precise and detailed documentation.

  • Total reliability – Sterilization, hygiene optimization and disinfestations can be carried out in many ways. Manufacturers use methods like fumigation, heat stress, chemical liquid and other ways to achieve this end objective. However, not any of these ways have the ability to eradicate survival of pathogens and harmful microorganism as done with irradiation process.

  • Permeability and uniformity guaranteed – Conventional methods like fumigation or ETO are good at eradicating microorganism on a surface level. However, that impact is lost on products with impenetrable surfaces. Gamma technology used by Symec penetrates to every nook and corner of a product irrespective of its packaging, module or design. A uniformed dose is discharged at all levels using full-scale irradiator features like floor-to-ceiling carriers for transferring products, automatic functions and speed controlling.

  • Unrivaled industry expertise, know how and top quality facility – Symec Engineers is India’s pioneer irradiation plant manufacturer devising advanced gamma processing with extensive experience in all aspects of the process including calibration, dosimetry and accurate dose delivery. The state-of-the-art facility delivers comprehensive servicing plants and warehouses that manufacture carrier type, tote box type, batch type turn-table, low cost agro batch, agro product continuous and versatile full spectrum irradiators.

The company specializes in research, design and development of advanced gamma irradiators for multi-purpose products and plants. A team of highly qualified engineers, designers and specialized workers dispense their time and effort around the clock as they undertake dynamic projects for irradiators from ground-up. With the manufacturing of fully automated gamma irradiation plants, Symec Engineers is contributing towards establishing India as a top rated credible export hub for international markets in USA, UK, Europe and other worldwide regions. Equally local farmers, traders and institutions can benefit from Symec’s medium-dose and high-dose processing plants, giving them strong stimulus to reach bigger markets and heights.