Gamma Spice Irradiation is the method of exposing spice items from the Cobalt-60 source to radiation. This ionizing radiation method successfully destroys dangerous contaminants in the food items like viruses, bacteria, insects, and fungi. This method is not new, but at the present time as the food supply system of this world is continuing to globalize with some exotic and new spices being launched to the market on a regular basis. Therefore, the requirement of ensuring the quality and the safety of these spices is really important. Right now, around 50 countries in this world are using this method as the alternative to heat and chemical treatments.

Starting from paprika to parsley and from basil to paprika almost all the spices are disinfected by using this spice irradiation method. With Gamma Spice Irradiation, it is possible to kill different insects as well as to prevent all the food-borne illnesses that are caused by the micro-organisms without causing any effect to the quality and taste of the spices.

The procedure of irradiating spices:

The spice radiation process is conducted inside an irradiation chamber protected by 1.5 to 1.8m thick concrete made walls. Here the spices are placed either in bulk quantity or in the pre-packed condition in the suitable containers and therefore with an automatic conveyor, the spices are sent to the irradiation chamber. For treating the spices, the radiation source is brought to the position of irradiation. Then the spices in the carriers are positioned mechanically around the radiation source rack and therefore are turned around their own axis to get the spices irradiated on every side. Here the dose of absorption is measured by placing dosimeters at different positions in the carrier. The best thing about this process is that unlike the chemical fumigants, this method never leaves any unsafe toxic residues in the spices and therefore it is more effective.

Some of the applications of Gamma Spice Irradiation:

  1. Microbial reduction: High doses of Gamma is said to be really effective in killing the pathogens such as listeria, E.Coli, and Salmonella. Irradiation India is performed for the safety of the users and the best thing is that it never changes the quality or the taste of the spices.

  2. Shelf-life extension/Phytosanitary: Low dose of Gamma Spice Irradiation is beneficial in eliminating the risk of getting foreign insects to the spices. Besides, this also inhibits sprouting, delays ripening and extends the shelf life of spices that is helpful in meeting the standards of quarantine for exporting the spices. This method along with other concerns like increasing awareness of the dangers of chemicals that have led different countries to review and to suspend the uses of these spices.


So, Gamma Spice Irradiation is an important part of offering a diverse, safe and sustainable supply of spices to the users all around the globe. Besides, availability of this technique has also opened up the global export market while offering the business owners the scope to grow both the local and global businesses.