The process of Radiation can be defined as an emission of energy in the shape of electromagnetic waves. It happens to be in the form of subatomic particles that have a high ratio of energy and lead to a process known as ionization. On the other hand, the process of Gamma Irradiation could be defined as the process where various objects that are encountering the moving particles and thus facing the ionization process by getting exposed to the radiation.

Differences in terms of explanation 
In terms of explanation, it can be said that Radiation is the number of photons that are being emitted by a single source. Irradiation, on the other hand, is one where the radiation is falling on the surface is being calculated.

Differences in terms of action
In terms of action, it can be said that the process of gamma irradiation is one where the entire energy of the system starts to get more intense as time passes. On the other hand, in Radiation, just the opposite thing happens. The entire energy starts to go down as time passes.

A key difference between both 
Radiation does not have a specific meaning. It can be used to signify various phenomena and terms that are related to energy and its release. The process of gamma irradiation, on the other hand, is one where you only have the function that we have talked about already.

Conclusion – a few words about irradiation
So, as you know by now, irradiation is the process by which various objects face moving particles thus leading to the process of ionization are getting exposed to radiation. When scientists and other entities who deal with such energy get a charge out of radiation and rely upon it they also control their presentation to the same.

Sun is also a major source of radiation – it has a sort of higher importance to the same. The pharmaceutical industry uses this kind of energy, which is also available in low doses from sources such as space, air, earth, and rocks. Together such kinds of radiation can also be called ionizing radiation. Such kind of radiation is normally harmful in nature and especially for living matter. Since such energy is normally in an unusual state it is risky and this is why it is important that we control our exposure to the same.

It is true that we are not able to feel such radiation but it can be measured and distinguished nonetheless. Monitoring is also rather important in this context. We living beings have developed in a situation that has huge levels of ionizing radiation. A lot of people also owe their lives as well as well being to such radiation delivered in a controlled state. Examples of such usage would be dental X beams and restorative beams. Entities use various kinds of ionizing radiation in order to analyze infirmities and people are also cured with radiation in order to help treat diseases.