Irradiation is an important process that has been considered as an integral part of medical products sterilizing. It helps to demolishing microorganisms and thus makes products safe to be used or consumed. Cobalt 60 isotope has been widely used for the task of accomplishment of medical product irradiation. However, not just medical products, irradiation sterilizing process has significant applications in maintaining hygiene for products or apparatus that are manufactured or used by various industries. It is a simple process, cost-effective, accurate and very nominal time consuming. It also has excellent penetration ability. It can sterilize products by penetrating their sealed packaging.

Symec Engineers boats of having SYM-5 tote box type plant for carrying out Gamma irradiation process. The company offers gamma sterilization process for medical goods or products, herbal products, spices and agro products. It uses cutting edge technologies and proven competent ways of making gamma irradiation process highly successful and effective. The company has incorporated advanced technologies and infrastructure to ensure that the process of medical product sterilization becomes seamless as well as accurate. The advanced infrastructure includes split source, specially designed cells for gamma sterilization, easy, automated loading and unloading, quick as well as continuous operations, etc.

Major Highlights of Gamma Irradiation by Symec Engineers

Our company has adopted latest technologies and infrastructure to conclude the process of gamma sterilization for mainly medical products along with various other products. Our plant for gamma irradiation is capable of carrying out continuous operations for sterilization of products. We ensure the latest mechanisms that are followed in India as well as in the world, and also commit to delivering time effective services for bulk products. Major highlights of our medical product irradiation process can be illustrated as the following:

  • Specially designed cell features easy and effectual product handling system that does not give any damages to the products or to its packaging. Further, in the cell shuffling system has been incorporated to make the process more robust.

  • Efficient and cutting edge scissor lifts ensure easy loading and unloading of the products. Hydraulic system assisted Source Raise and interlocked mechanical entry door for personnel entry are some other top notch features of the latest infrastructure of our plant.

  • Pool water monitoring and conditioning system is also adopted.

  • A Ventilation system for irradiation cell.

  • Source pass mechanism, combining 4 lower passes and 4 upper level passes, allows 24 positions of gamma sterilization to ensure the highest amount of accuracy.

Right dosage of Cobalt 60 has to be given analyzing product parameters, like density, packaging, materials, etc. After the sterilization process, gamma sterilizers are checked or examined with precision to ensure that complete sterilization process has been concluded neatly without any glitches. Being a responsible, reliable and professional house for gamma sterilization engineering and processing, we ensure cost-effective, time efficient and quickest possible result.

As stated, dosage range varies on product materials, packing and other factors. Herbal products, medical products and agro products have different dosages, as we have fixed specifications for them. However, dosage may change depending upon a lot of factors. For that, products are examined with their packaging properly.