In manufacturing different products specifically those items that need to be sterilized or purified, cleansing is a part of every quality assurance procedure in the industry. To produce high-quality product results, elimination of bacteria, germs, insects, pathogens, and other unwanted organisms is necessary. Speaking of a sterilization process, there are different methods and steps that can be applied to produce flawlessly sterilized or fresh and clean products.

The Gamma irradiation procedure is among these types of sterilization methods. This process involves the exposure of different products to the ionizing gamma rays that is comparable to UV and X-rays machines, but in a highly controlled fashion to achieve a specific goal that includes the elimination of the above-mentioned toxins. The specific gamma rays are formed through electromagnetic radiation of extremely short wave stretches. These gamma rays act as a source of ionizing energy that will eliminate or destroy bacteria and pests.

The most familiar source of gamma rays for the sterilization procedure is the isotope Cobalt-60. The latter is manufactured particularly for the process of sterilization. It is basically housed in an extremely meticulous and intricate design that conforms to certain strict standards and guidelines. This material can be stored safely in a pool of water. The gamma rays are protected through the chamber above the pool that is surrounded by a thick concrete barrier. The latter prevents the gamma rays from getting out as its source is mounted in the radiation chamber.

Moreover, the product intended for the sterilization process is meticulously packaged and well-placed on pallets to be transported by the conveyor. For companies and industries looking for advanced gamma irradiators for multiple usages in products and food and spice plants, there are different industries who have conducted intensive and all-inclusive sterilization for their industry’s production but the or the Symec Engineers in India have high-class and well-developed sterilization through exposure to gamma rays equipment that can help greatly in the manufacturing process.

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