Irradiation rays are used for special purposes in many industries all around the world. The process of Gamma irradiation can be described as the use of ionizing radiation in order to get various needed results. There is the Gamma Irradiation Facility all over the world which is presently using these irradiations in order to achieve their objectives in a safe, controlled and environmentally friendly way. Gamma Irradiations are used in many industries in order to meet their own specific purposes. In medicine, medical tools as well as disposals are effectively sterilized through these rays. Mango Irradiation is used after the fruits are picked in order to disinfect the fruits before being sold as public alimentation. This procedure is also used to reduce the level of pathogenic agents typically found in many of the most commonly consumed herbs, spices, vegetables, animal feed pet foods, marine products and so on. When it comes to delicious cereals and fruits, gamma rays are used for disinfestation, quarantine control and, in the case of potatoes, onion or garlic they have the effect of sprout inhibition. Gamma irradiation is used also for Rubber Latex production and in many other processes.

One of the largest Gamma Irradiation Facilities In India is Symec Engineers. The company’s history starts in 1984 as a manufacturer of pressure vessels and piping systems for industries like the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Later, at the beginning of 1990 the first Gamma Irradiation Plant in India was built with the sole purpose to be used by the Kidwai Memorial hospital in Bangalore and improve people’s lives all over India. After this success, Symec Engineers decided to start building even more gamma irradiation plants in India and abroad. The reputation earned by the company is due to the unique work ethic that is a special combination of innovation, hard work, professionalism and a strong will to create one of a kind systems under challenging conditions. The highly trained and dedicated team which Symec employs brings together different professionals with various backgrounds of expertise in order to perfect their work continuously and make sure everything runs smoothly. All of these people are at your disposal to create customized solutions. They are passionate about their work and set on offering only the highest quality services.

Any standard commercial irradiation Plant has two functional elements: the civil area and the mechanical system. The Civil Areas consist of Labs and offices, the storage pool for Labyrinth Source, Irradiation Cell and the DM plant unloading areas DM. There are also for Utilities room which handles the Structures Control for the whole plant. Meanwhile, the Mechanical systems are composed of the Product handling the embedded parts, which are steel structures cast in the concrete cell structure, Ventilation system Source which handles the equipment control, the loading/unloading area the DM Plant equipment and the necessary Firefighting system. Symec Engineers India offers to all of its customers a complete range of services starting from determining the feasibility features of setting up an Irradiation plant, to preparing a full project report and outlining the ratio between cost and benefits. The team will also get involved in selecting the site and assist in all regulatory clearances until the execution of the irradiation plant is completed.

So don’t hesitate and use the brilliant and second to none services offered by Symec Engineers. They are not only innovative and effective, but also brilliantly convenient and environmentally friendly. Choose innovation, safety and sustainability while driving your success.