Gamma Irradiation is what we call the process of subjecting a product to radiation in order to achieve the desired result. This result is either one of three things: sterilization, disinfestation or quarantine. During the process of irradiation, ionizing energy will achieve the aim of destroying all bacteria within the product, by being exposing the product to gamma rays. Gamma rays have the highest volume of energy than any other wave on the electromagnetic spectrum. In addition to this, Gamma rays also feature the smallest wavelengths. The waves that we are talking about are made up of atoms that are radioactive. Gamma rays have the ability to kill (living) cells. Many industries can use this to their advantage, to assist them within their working field.

Symec Engineers are confidently one of India’s most leading companies for manufacturing Gamma Irradiation. We also successfully supply Gamma Irradiation plants on an international level and have built 7 Gamma Irradiation plants in India, alone. The company was founded in 1984 and built its first Gamma Irradiation plant in Bangalore, in 1990. This first Gamma Irradiation facility was built for the Kidwai Memorial Hospital.

Symec Engineers are committed to developing custom designed equipment for a range of industries. The following list is not exhaustive but includes pharmaceutical and food processing industries. Here at Symec Engineers, we manufacture Gamma Irradiation plants for a range of purposes such as medical, research and commercial.

We offer professionalism that is filled to the brim with innovation and hard work. We work at developing and designing high-technology systems, regardless of the difficult conditions. Our staff is fully dedicated to providing an excellent service and solutions that exceed our client’s expectations.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we can offer cost-effective solutions to our clients. We aim to provide all of our clients with safe facilities that compromise state-of-the-art technology. When creating our systems, we ensure and are dedicated to creating systems that are customized to suit our client’s requirements and needs.

We have three different types of irradiators that we can offer our clients, and these will range greatly. They are broken down into sections and divided up into how high the dose is versus the weight of the products. Our high to medium dose is for products weighing between just 1 kilogray to 30-kilo gray. Our low to medium dose is for products weighing between 0.03 kilogray to 14-kilo gray. We also offer a full spectrum dose that can subject a wide range of product doses from 0.03 kilogray to 30-kilo gray.

Symec Engineers have the ability to process all products regardless of whether they are an extremely low dose amount or a higher dose amount. For research or lab purposes, if you require our plants, then the dose will generally be quite low. The dose can be anywhere on the spectrum of 0.03 kilogray to 30-kilo gray.