Since its inception in the year 1984, SYMEC Engineers is working untiringly to offer the best irradiation services to the country. This company offers comprehensive services for the chemical, pharmaceutical, and nuclear industries. In its present standing, this company is rated the most reliable name in the services of Medical Product Irradiation.

Overview of the process

Describing the process of Irradiation in simple terms, it is all about eliminating the microorganisms, present in stuff. Medical product Irradiation involves the irradiation of medical disposables to make it sterilized. Syringes, surgical blades, gauze, scalpels are the products, undergoing this process. In addition, it includes the catheters, rubber gloves, ointments, rubber stoppers as well as bottle caps. The process aims towards the removal of the microbes that can trigger adverse health effects as the consequences of using these devices.

What is the need for medical devices to undergo the irradiation process?

Every year, a few tons of medical devices are wasted on the plea to ensure adequate sterilization. This results in price escalation, as well as the bio-medical waste triggers environmental pollution. On the other hand, the presence of microbes spoils the medical formulations. All these instances result in price escalation. Aside, there are needs to ensure medical safety.

Medical product Irradiation is a process that addresses all these concerns at a single go. Undergoing this process, the safety of the medical devices and equipment is ensured. On the other hand, the sterilization enables users to use the Syringe, for instance, for subsequent times. In addition, the process even prevents the spoiling of the ointments and other formulations. Hence irradiation ensures medical safety as well as accounts for recycling of the used medical products. In the long run, it safeguards the environment as well. SYMEC Engineers have a robust framework to deal with the process and produce the most delightful outcome.

The SYMEC Engineers methodology

SYMEC Engineers undertakes a detailed and intensive methodology to produce the best irradiation for the medical devices. The process starts with the analysis of the client’s requirements and consequently, conceives a set of alternatives. The next step involves the designing and engineering to develop the system. It involves the application of modern techniques and methodologies, ensuring the efficiency of the output. The company gives due importance to innovation to develop cutting-edge solutions. The provider ensures that the development meets the requirements and the budget of the clients.

SYMEC Engineers shoulders the complete responsibility between the designing and commissioning of the system. It includes the scopes like development, test run as well as final installation. In addition, this company takes care of the routine maintenance and exigent repairs. Thus, availing the services of this company, you get end-to-end services.

SYMEC Engineers have made a significant contribution is reducing medical waste and making medical services safe and secure. This company has a competent and experienced workforce to deliver the best solutions and services. This company has achieved almost a 100% rate in client satisfaction that establishes the company as the most reliable provider of Medical Product Irradiation services