Commercial Irradiation - The Immediate Need Of The Indian Agro-Industry

India has, since independence and before, been known to be agricultural land. It is one of the main sources of livelihood for almost more than 80% more

Top 5 Uses of Food Irradiation Process You Must Know

Gamma Irradiation is the process of subjecting any product to Ionizing Radiation in a highly controlled manner to achieve certain objectives such more

The key difference between radiation and irradiation

The process of Radiation can be defined as an emission of energy in the shape of electromagnetic waves. It happens to be in the form of subatomic particles that have a high ratio of energy and lead to a process known as more

How Irradiation can change the Entire scenario of Sea Food Industry in India?

The requirement of preserving food has never become more relevant than now. The gap between demand and supply of fresh food has always been seen as a challenge. The reason for this gap is, of more

Achieving Food Safety Goals Through Food Irradiation in India

Food safety has increasingly become a critical issue these days. Pathogens and insects not only decrease the shelf life of food but also decrease the nutritional value, quality and safety of the food more

Things You Need To Know About Gamma Spice Irradiation

Gamma Spice Irradiation is the method of exposing spice items from the Cobalt-60 source to radiation. This ionizing radiation method successfully destroys dangerous contaminants in the food items like viruses, bacteria, insects, and more

How does the Gamma Irradiation process work on Agro Products?

When talking about food irradiation, there are multiple thoughts that come to mind. It could be making foods radioactive, reducing the nutritional value of the food products and so more

Different Categories Of Food Which Can Be Irradiated

Food irradiation means improving the shelf life and safety of food products by passing the packaged food items through gamma rays, X-rays or electron beams. This process helps in eliminating the microorganisms like bacteria and mould within the packaged food product thus reducing the risk of food borne more

Eliminate the risk of various diseases with irradiated foods

Commercial food production incorporates high standards and quality checks to make food free from pathogens. However relying on production techniques alone doesn’t guarantee 100 percent safety at all more

Irradiation of Food - A Solution for the Nuclear Waste Problem

Nuclear energy was first used to produce electricity in 1954 in Russia. The field has come a long way since then. Today, 15% of the world’s electricity is produced by nuclear energy. When uranium atoms are split it leads to the origination of nuclear energy, and this process is termed as more

5 Facts About Food Irradiation In Processing The Quality Of The Food

It is a new food safety technology which eliminates disease causing microbes such a salmonella, campylobacter, E. coli from food keeping it healthy and safe for human consumption. The technology is not only safe but also effective in the manner that is can help prevent various food-borne diseases which affect millions around the more

Symec Engineers – The Renowned Name In Manufacturing Spice Irradiation Plant

A lot of people still do not understand how important it is for them to have their food irradiated. Food irradiation is still a very new concept amongst many. But what is not new is the fact that foods get poisoned when foreign elements in the form of unhealthy microorganisms begin to find their way to your more

Gamma Irradiation For Sterilization Of Pharmaceutical Products

There are quite a number of sterilization methods available for healthcare devices, pharmaceuticals and labware. They include electron beam irradiation, steam, ethylene oxide, sterile filtration, gamma irradiation and vapor more

How Does Irradiation Improves Shelf-Life And Hygienic Quality Of Spices?

Spice irradiation is specifically used to process spices, herbs or dry vegetables for eliminating or reducing microbial load, eliminating pathogenic microbes, as well as disinfestation insects. The application more

What is Gamma Irradiation and Irradiated Foods

Gamma irradiation does not make any kind of foods radioactive or dangerous. It doesn’t compromise our nutritional quality nor change the taste of the food. It doesn’t alter the texture or appearance of a product. Internationally reputable more

How An irradiator sterilizes helps to avoid refrigeration

Presently, the trend of sterilized and processed food has been adopted in India from foreign countries. Generally, housewives are found hunting for techniques to prevent food from bacteria or yeasts. The changing scenario has resulted in the adoption of new emerging more

SYMEC Engineers - A strong infrastructure of Agro Product Irradiation process technology

Do you deal with agro products? If you don't, perhaps you are looking to start this kind of plant in a little while. Among the machines you will require is an agro product irradiation more

Symec Engineers - Manufacturer of Medical Product Irradiation Plant

It is a significant process in keeping the standard process for the sterilization and decontamination of medical product devices. During a laymans term, the process is all about the removal of the microorganisms that are present in these disposable products to make them more

Symec Engineers Specializes in Research, Design and Development of Advanced Gamma Irradiators for Multi-Purpose Products and Plants

In manufacturing different products specifically those items that need to be sterilized or purified, cleansing is a part of every quality assurance procedure in the industry. To produce high-quality product results, elimination of bacteria, germs, insects, pathogens, and other unwanted organisms is necessary. Speaking of a sterilization process, there are different methods and steps that can be more

Symec Engineers Confidently Leading Companies for Manufacturing Gamma Irradiation

Are you in India’s pharmaceutical, healthcare, or food processing industry? If you are or are looking to start out, you need a gamma irradiation facility. It may appear like an expensive venture right now, of course, but it will be extremely beneficial in the future. The first thing you need is an expert like Symec Engineers (I) Pvt. Ltd. We are an engineering company that has been developing top-notch gamma equipment for years. more

Symec Engineers is India's Leading Engineering Company which Manufacturer of Gamma Irradiation

Gamma Irradiation is what we call the process of subjecting a product to radiation in order to achieve the desired result. This result is either one of three things: sterilization, disinfestation or quarantine. During the process of irradiation, ionizing energy will achieve the aim of destroying all bacteria within the product, by being exposing the product to gamma rays. more

Symec Engineers one of the largest Gamma Irradiation Plant Manufacturer in India

Irradiation has been said to have a very useful role to play when it comes to elimination of anything that we think of as contamination. People are always in favor of getting food that is not only healthy for them but is as clean as food can be. more

Symec Engineer - One Of The Trusted Provider Of Medical Product Irradiation In India

Since its inception in the year 1984, SYMEC Engineers is working untiringly to offer the best irradiation services to the country. This company offers comprehensive services for the chemical, pharmaceutical, and nuclear industries. In its present standing, this company is rated the most reliable name in the services of Medical Product more

Symec Engineers Designed Irradiators For laboratory or research applications

Irradiation is the simple process, exposing an item to radiations. These radiations are not restricted to any particular source. However, irradiation does not include exposing an item to non-ionizing radiation. Non-ionizing radiations include, microwave, infrared and other radiations from different electronic devices. There are different uses of irradiation. more

Symec Engineers used the process of subjecting Medical product Irradiation in a highly controlled manner

Irradiation is an important process that has been considered as an integral part of medical products sterilizing. It helps to demolishing microorganisms and thus makes products safe to be used or consumed. Cobalt 60 isotope has been widely used for the task of accomplishment of medical product more

Trusted Name in Manufacturer of Gamma Irradiation Plant - Symec Engineers

A gamma irradiation plant manufacturer produces radiation processing technology that had been created following four decades of worldwide research and development of extremely high more

Symec Engineers involve in developing high technology custom designed equipment in India

Irradiation rays are used for special purposes in many industries all around the world. The process of Gamma irradiation can be described as the use of ionizing radiation in order to get various needed results. There is the Gamma Irradiation Facility all over the world which is presently using these irradiations in order to achieve their objectives in a safe, controlled and environmentally friendly more